Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Bee Pollen v.s. Chinese Pine Pollen

Bee Pollen is a natural food. It is not a drug. Pollen promotes a powerful healing effect for the human body. Many Hollywood celebrities and famous athletes have been digesting bee pollen products for many years. Bee pollen capsules have always been one of the most popular supplements in the world for natural energy and overall health. It was one of nature’s most perfectly complete and nutritionally dense foods until 1995, when research and technology made it possible for Chinese Pine Pollen to be produced for the world to enjoy. Scientists have proven that a person can survive on nothing but water and bee pollen and maintain very good health. Scientists all over the world agree that regular consumption of bee pollen will considerably prolong a person’s life span. The key here is regular consumption. There are some concerns with bee pollen that need to be noted.

  • Bee pollen comes from weaker flowering plants that die off each year. Its chemical composition will vary depending on the plant source, season and geographical location. This is a critical factor in the quality, and consistency of bee pollen.

  • Bees do not have the ability to pick and choose the best and purest sources of pollen.

  • Insects gather the pollen with their mouths using their saliva. Their hormones create allergic reactions.

  • Many of the commercial bee pollens contain contaminants from insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers, animal hormones, and heavy metals as a direct result of air pollution.

  • Beekeepers have become dependent on the use of synthetic pesticides and antibiotics to combat pests within the hives.

  • Bees could be diseased while mites and other parasites die off in the hives.

  • Farming areas are often sprayed with insecticides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers which all affect the pollen produced.

  • Only 5% of the active ingredients of bee pollen can be absorbed within the digestive system. 95% is lost.

  • This means to receive the health benefits of bee pollen, large quantities must be digested. This is costly and a poor value.

  • Bee pollen is said to contain an estimated 96 nutrients.

  • Bees undergo treatments similar to those endured by other farmed animals. Routine examination, and handling, artificial feeding regimes, drug, and pesticide treatment, genetic manipulation, and artificial insemination.

  • Bees have been known to collect tar, adhesives and paints instead of propolis.

  • When beekeepers manipulate combs, many bees are crushed, and killed. Hives have smoke puffed into them to calm the bees so they are easier to handle.

  • Bees, and hives are bought, and sold worldwide. Transportation means bees often suffer stress, overheating, and cold.

  • Quality control of bee pollen is difficult and under most circumstances impossible.

Chinese Pine Pollen is considered the “KING OF POLLEN” with over 200 bioactive nutrients. There are profound differences between Chinese Pine Pollen and bee pollen. In fact, there are profound differences between Chinese Pine Pollen, and most if not all the supplements, and vitamins available in the world. Chinese Pine Pollen, without question, is the most powerful nutritional health product in the world.

  • Chinese Pine Pollen comes from the Pinus Massoniana Lamb Pine, a rare species of pine found in China.

  • The Pinus Massoniana Lamb Pine is recorded as one of the healthiest, strongest, and longest living organisms on Earth.

  • The Pinus Massoniana Lamb Pine can thrive in the harshest environments remaining beautiful, strong, and healthy.

  • This powerful protection, strength, health, and nutritional content is found in the genetic code within the Pine Pollen. This now can be utilized by the human body to achieve the same results.

  • Pine Pollen’s outer shell, its armor, is so strong that after being soaked in caustic soda, boiled in water, and exposed to high doses of radiation, nothing could penetrate its inner core.

  • The chemical composition of Chinese Pine Pollen is stable, pure, and consistent.

  • Chinese Pine Pollen comes from an area of the world with the cleanest sources of water, air, and the richest soils.

  • Chinese Pine Pollen is the first edible Pollen in the world not gathered by bees, free of insecticides, pesticides, animal hormones, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, and heavy metals originating from air pollution.

  • Chinese Pine Pollen is manually gathered, and selected by man. Our manufacturers only select the best pollens.

  • There are only 2-3 days per year, in the rainy season of spring, to select, and gather this pollen.

  • Chinese Pine Pollen is wind pollinated.

  • Chinese Pine Pollen is stored, broken and processed with the highest technologies available and within the most sanitary environments.

  • 99% of the bioactive nutrients are absorbed by the human body.

  • Chinese Pine Pollen has over 200 bioactive nutrients, all in one tablet, that is a highly absorbed by the human body.

  • Chinese Pine Pollen is much less expensive than bee pollen with the initial cost along with the absorption factor.

  • Chinese Pine Pollen is consumer friendly. Consumers can choose to reduce the supplements they were purchasing or replace them with Chinese Pine Pollen. This will now allow for you to have a fast, easy, and very affordable health solution. You will save time, energy and money along with feeling better, and achieving much greater results.

  • Chinese Pine Pollen has passed 6 significant tests. 1. Safety evaluation of toxicology, 2. Evaluation of health care function, animal experiments, and human trial experiments, 3. Authentication of effective ingredients, 4. Stability test, 5. Hygiene examination, 6. Dope detection by China Doping Control Center, and the National Institute of Sports Medicine.

  • Chinese Pine Pollen has won prestigious international awards. You will know why when you take it!

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    I've been researching Chinese Pine Pollen for some time and got here. I've noticed you just posted a few posts on one day and then stopped posting. Does it mean that you realised that Pine Pollen wasn't working after all and you gave up or that's the original idea for this blog - just to provide this basic information?

    I'd appreciate your reply :)

    Thank you, Betty